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  We offer private tours to...
  • Bath (Roman Spa City),
  • Stonehenge
  • Salisbury Cathedral (for the Magna Carta)
  • Winchester (for King Arthur's round table),
  • Flatford (For Constable Country)
  • Leeds Castle & Gardens
  • Hever Castles (Anne Boleyn's Childhood home)
  • Hampton Court (King Henry VIII's Palace),
  • Windsor Castle (HM Queen Elizabeth II's Home)
  • and more...
We offer Transfers & Tours between...
  • Dover
  • Southampton
  • Harwich
  • Heathrow
  • Gatwick
  • Stansted
  • Luton
  • and all London Hotels.

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Flying Purple Pig Tours are personal site-seeing tours, set at your own pace & on your itinerary - not ours!

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Our Company.

Flying Purple Pig Tours is part of KGC Group, based in the Southeast of England near North London.
Our private tours itineraries are designed to offer broad range of interest, and we introduce facts, ideas, theories myths and influences, and we try not to just give one theory, or any unsubstantiated opinions during our tours.
KGC Group is a family business, and also provides Private London Airport Transfer and Cruise Port Transfer services through our sister company LondonAirConnections.com.

Sir Keith Ceeney

Flying Purple Pig Tours.

Flying Purple Pig Tours were started in 2005 and are directed by Sir Keith Ceeney CBA, who works under Operator License, No 891. ('Sir' Keith was knighted in the Spring of 2011 by the Wiltshire Druid King of the Stonehenge Druid Community, for service to the Tourist Trade.) A member of the Council of British Archeologists, "Sir" Keith has become somewhat of an expert on the Stonehenge World Heritage Site, and modern day Stonehenge landscape, and also has a keen interest in ancient religion & 'old style' religions that are practiced today. Sir Keith does state categorically that he is not a Druid, but you may call him a "Pagan Knight" of no fixed religion. He was led to the Stonehenge landscape via his interest in World War One, and has interest in the military background of the Stonehenge Site and surrounding areas too.

Sir Keith has been interviewed for a couple of TV documentaries recently and for a children's English language program for French TV. He is very good at reasoning for & against popular myths (and new 'revelations') about Stonehenge, "even those stated by modern TV archeologists". He is, of course, first to admit even he doesn't hold all the answers! More recently Sir Keith Ceeney was interviewed on BBC radio in regards to the closure of the road (A344) next to the Stone Circle at Stonehenge (which he supports) and the new visitor centre at Stonehenge (which he doesn't because of the entrance price increase and the "silly 'Disney' Land train idea!").
(Update 2014/15: In agreement with English Heritage representatives, we are able to use the visitor centre whilst avoiding the Museum - the land train still has to be used though. This adds at least 40 minutes to the visit).

(Update 2016: As predicted, the Silly "Disney" Style land train was a disaster and has been discontinued by English Heritage, replaced by a slightly faster bus system - this still adds at least 40 minutes to the visit. We are able to use the visitor centre, and 360' cinema access, whilst avoiding the Museum

Being asked to comment during another BBC Radio program in 2013, on the controversy of human remains being permanently removed from a World Heritage Site and put into the new Stonehenge museum, 'Sir' Keith said, "Although I have no problem with human remains in museums in general, these Stonehenge remains come from a place of worship, and more importantly from inside a world heritage site. A World Heritge Site should be left intact after study for future generations, not removed into a museum. Making carbon(*) copies of anything found there is easy and fairly cheap and would solve all the issues!..." Sir Keith feels strongly that Stonehenge should remain intact, as a World Heritage Site. He believes that little removals here and there could end with the site being stripped for museum displays and items lost forever as has happened in the past!
(*We are told the pun was intended - some of the Stonehenge remains on display are carbon/cremation remains!)

Outside of the 'Stonehenge scene', in July 2016, 'Sir' Keith was an invited guest to the 100th year centenary 'Battle of the Somme' commemoration by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission at Thiepval, France. There he was privilidged to rub shoulders with the Prince of Wales, the French President and many more distinquished visitors, whilst remembering the fallen and lost of this terric and costly battle of World War One. Afterwards, he and a collegue travelled to the Menin Gate in Ypres, Belguim to pay their respects there. He hopes that guests will enjoy his insights to these two sites in the future...

ALSO: Having studied the industrial revolution and European History from mid-ninteenth century up until world war two with particular reference to transport and social history of the working class. This means FlyingPurplePig can also offer TV period drama locations, such as Downton Abbey, historical cities and preserved railways and aircraft museums in your tours too!

SIr Keith Ceeney Sir Keith goes under the sword of Britain
Hampton Court Palace - Knighthood at Stonehenge
Keith & Guests Telephone Outdoor Art
Keith with guests - Telephone Box Street Art Visit

See our photos page for more great tour photos and inspiration...

Sir Keith is married and lives in Hertfordshire, very near "London's Camelot" itself. He has two children, both adult, (one works in the British Museum) three dogs and keeps tropical fish too! Sir Keith spends much of his spare time researching World War I, again focusing on the cultural mindset of the soldiers themselves, and transport from before Industrial Revolution onwards. He also enjoys travel and has visited almost 20% of the world "so far!" including 'Native' America, 'Native' Australia, Asia, the Battlefields of Gallipolli and the lost city of Troy. When he is not busy, Sir Keith also enjoys football (Soccer) and going to London excellent theatres and playhouses...
(*According to traveltip.org/countries_visited)

Sir Keith, when not hired by other tour companies, does take many of our tours himself, so he looks forward to seeing many of you personally very soon. He also writes driver/guide's notes and leaflets for various tours which he may not be able to guide personally, but be assured he insists on professional driver/guides to take you around our beautiful country and ensure that you have a great day with the Flying Purple Pig Tour Co..

(Note: Any fees from paid for interviews are donated to the Children's Society and Alzheimer's Society, as these are the charities that Sir Keith Ceeney is proud to support).

Private Hire Vehicle and Driver Tourist Services.

  • We are a Licensed Operator of Private Hire Vehicles (with driver)
  • Our specialty is our private tours, particularly the Stonehenge World Heritage Site.
  • You can book us for UK city tours, day trips (England), Eurostar, cruise & sea ports, London airports, and more!
  • You can book single journeys, or book for a day or for a whole week.
  • Just telephone or email us and tell us what you need!
  • We cover the whole of Greater London & surrounding Home Counties, Southern & Western England, and further if required!
  • We will consider any type of long distance journey, and can even travel into mainland Europe.
  • We take bookings up to three years (36 months) in advance, so book early to avoid disappointment.
  • Once booked, your fare is set, and will not rise - even if Petrol/Insurance/Tax does!!!
  • Book early, we allocate time blocks for each driver, according to bookings and never over book.

Flying Purple Pig & LondonAirConnections' vehicles are
always comfortable, always clean and always tidy.

  • Family size Saloon cars carry up to 4 people with up to 3 suitcases and hand luggage.
  • Group size MPV's carry 5 or 6 passengers with luggage and hand luggage.
  • All vehicles are fully insured for Passenger Hire according to P.C.O. License specification.
  • All of our drivers are holders of a PCO Driving License/Permit and are from a customer service background, polite, helpful and efficient.
  • An upgraded Executive Service is also available (Collar & Tie), but not necessary, all our drivers are smart, polite and efficient.
  • We offer Child seats for children between 3- 36months.(subject to availability) Any child is included as one of the passenger seats available in each car. (You do not have to have a car seat for your child, our drivers are all professional and therefore exempt from child seat laws in the UK, but we highly recommend using this service as it's free!)

Special Occasions and Days Out!

-Vehicles are fully air-conditioned. (Hot & Cold).
- More leg room than most airplanes or standard cars.

- Full sound system for your entertainment. (With optional 'off' button if required).
- Clear Glazing for photographic opportunities, regardless of weather.
- Mobile Telephone for client use if required. (Charge of £1.50 per minute for non-local).
- Vehicles are available (with driver) for single journeys, for the day or a week.
- Executive Vehicles with full leather interior can be ordered for special occasions.
- Tours are for up to 6 passengers for the same basic price*
(*Entrance fees extra)
This is an example of the type of vehicles used for our tours...
Order an upgrade to a Caravelle for less than you think...

Stonehenge and Salisbury can be a super day trip!

- Special Occasions, Executive Trips and Days out!

- Reasonable Hourly, Daily or Weekly Rates.


PLEASE NOTE: Our vehicles do not carry 'drinker's or 'clubbers'.

Standard Charge £36 per hour including 12miles. (plus extra mileage @£3 per mile).

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